Product Design Suite

By: Mitrasoft




Deliver innovative 3D product designs

Autodesk® Product Design Suite is a comprehensive solution for Digital Prototyping, delivering design, visualization, and simulation tools to help you complete your entire engineering design process. It provides a flexible set of tools for 3D mechanical design, simulation, surface modeling, tooling, electrical design, visualization, documentation, and collaboration. These tools enable users to digitally evaluate and optimize conceptual designs while smoothly exchanging engineering information throughout the design workflow. Combining the powerful Digital Prototyping capabilities of Autodesk® Inventor® software with enhanced design, visualization, and cloud services tools, Autodesk Product Design Suite can help you make great products.


What you can do

Engineering design

  • Reuse your engineering data
  • Quickly and easily make product design changes
  • Integrate electrical and mechanical design

Conceptual design

  • Easily and quickly model organic shapes
  • Precisely manipulate geometry

Sales engineering

  • Explore your ideas in real time
  • Create cinema-quality renderings
  • Collaborate using your engineering data

Design analysis

  • Reduce physical prototypes to save money
  • Make sustainable and economical products


What your company can do

  • Get to market faster
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce manufacturing costs
  • Create innovative products


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