Factory Design Suite

By: Mitrasoft





Digitally visualize and optimize your factory design

Autodesk® Factory Design Suite is an integrated factory layout and optimization solution built specifically to help you design and communicate the most efficient layout by creating a digital model of your factory. Part of the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping, it includes tools for optimizing 2D layouts, integrating 2D layout data with 3D models of machine and facility components, creating 3D layout models with bidirectional 2D/3D associativity, as well as cloud-based factory asset resources and secure mobile and online sharing of 3D layouts. It combines unique layout-specific functionality in AutoCAD® and Autodesk® Inventor® software with powerful visualization and analysis tools that can help increase innovation, design efficiency, and communication when responding to changing business requirements.


What You Can Do

AutoCAD user

  • Use the AutoCAD built for layout design
  • Save time with 1-click workflows
  • Explore exclusive AutoCAD functionality

Facilities layout designer

  • Facility layout design for AutoCAD
  • Visualize large facility layouts
  • Use laser scanner and detect clashes

Mechanical/systems engineer

  • Design large complex assemblies
  • Create custom assets
  • Detect interferences early on

Sales engineer/marketer

  • Win bids with interactive 3D presentations
  • Bid profitably and meet tight deadlines
  • Communicate design intent

What Your Company Can Do

Manufacturers and factory owners

  • Analyze for clashes and space restraints
  • Go lean by optimizing layouts early
  • Maximize production lines

Machine and equipment builders

  • Share assets with colleagues and clients
  • Design equipment and machine line layouts
  • See your factory layout in action

Engineering service providers

  • Produce more compelling 3D sales tools
  • Streamline design of bidding proposals
  • See your digital factory layout in action