ArCADiasoft BIM System


ArCADiasoft is the biggest Polish manufacturer of software for building engineering. The programs are written in the BIM technology and they include modules for architecture, construction and installations. ArCADia BIM system is the company comprehensive, object-oriented product that enables various designers to cooperate among their locations.

ArCADia BIM system

ArCADia 10, ArCADia 10 PLUS, ArCADia LT are ArCADia basic modules. They can be used as a normal 2D/3D CAD software with ArCADia BIM base features. They have some basic BIM features for Architectural and with the Industry-Specific application, ArCADia becomes the full feature BIM software.
ArCADia AC enable Autocad with ArCADia BIM base features. The full set of ArCADia BIM system modules consists at present of the following programs ArCADia-ARCHITECTURE, ArCADia-GAS INSTALLATIONS, ArCADia-EXTERNAL GAS INSTALLATIONS, ArCADia-SEWAGE INSTALLATIONS, ArCADia-WATER SUPPLY INSTALLATIONS, ArCADia-HEATING INSTALLATIONS, ArCADia-ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS, ArCADia-DISTRIBUTION BOARDS, ArCADia-ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS, ArCADia-TELECOMMUNICATION NETWORKS, ArCADia-SURVEYOR , ArCADia-ESCAPE ROUTES , ArCADia-REINFORCED CONCRETE COLUMN, ArCADia – REINFORCED CONCRETE SLAB. These modules are integrated in one application which is ArCADia 10/PLUS 10 or LT 10 graphic editor, or work as ArCADia AC in the form of an extension to AutoCAD. An additional part of the BIM system are independent specialist ArCADia-FRAME and ArCADia-TERMOCAD calculation programs.

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