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The Top Three Benefits of Teamwork

21-10-2015 15-35-00 PM

“It is amazing how much you can accomplish when it doesn’t matter who gets the credit”

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts;” “Two heads are better than one;” “No man is an island;” “All for one and one for all.”   Teamwork rules the roost and there are a million adages that support that claim, but what does teamwork in the workplace really do for you that you couldn’t do alone – possibly with greater, singular recognition?

What’s the real difference between working as part of a team and working solo?

A simple Google search surfaces links from experts writing about how teamwork can increase efficiency and improve performance. Some talk about improved morale, greater flexibility and how being a team player looks good on your resume.

Digital artist Shawna X, who was featured in the 2015 launch of Creative Cloud, says teaming up with people you relate to personally and in a creative sense helps everyone evolve.

Shawna was part of the team behind Nike’s “No Maybes” campaign for the US Women’s National Soccer Team. The strapline for the campaign, “Strong Alone. Unstoppable Together” speaks volumes about the value of teamwork.

Here are our top three reasons why working on a team can be more rewarding than working solo.