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By: Mitrasoft

Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical is AutoCAD software for manufacturing, offering significant productivity gains over standard AutoCAD by simplifying complex mechanical design work so engineers create and revise mechanical drawings faster than ever before.

AutoCAD Mechanical includes integrated data management with Autodesk Vault software, a centralized application for workgroups that securely stores and manages work-in-progress design data and related document.

1.      700,000 standard parts, features and assistant

When you are dealing with machinery that contains hundreds or thousands of parts, it could take days, or even weeks, to draw them from scratch. AutoCAD Mechanical software changes that by providing a comprehensive set of parts, features and assistants that you can select for your designs.

2.      Extended draw tools for manufacturing

AutoCAD Mechanical provides additional options over basic AutoCAD software for drawing creation.

3.      Powerful and smart dimensions

With automatic dimensioning, you can create multiple dimensions with minimal input, resulting in instant groups of ordinate, parallel, or symmetric items that are appropriately spaced. Smart dimensioning tools force overlapping dimensions to automatically space themselves appropriately while integrating tolerance and fit list information into the design. Dimension input can even drive and change design geometry to fit certain sizes.

4.      Smart detailing tools

Built to save you time, AutoCAD Mechanical has a specific tool for almost every aspect of the mechanical drafting process. Many of these drafting tools have the intelligence that helps users easily re-edit features without having to remove and re-create the original feature.

5.      Support for international drafting standards

Multiply your productivity with tools that help you and your team deliver consistent, standards based design documentation. AutoCAD Mechanical software supports ANSI, BSI, CSN, DIN, GB, ISO, JIS, and GOST drafting environments. Adhering to a standard environment improves team communication and helps drive consistent production results.

6.      Associative balloons and bill of materials (BOMs)

Create automated and associative part lists and BOMs that are specifically developed for manufacturing and that automatically update as the design changes to keep everyone on schedule, reducing costly stops in production from incorrect part counting, identification, and ordering.

7.      Automatic layer management

The intelligent and ready to use layer management system in AutoCAD Mechanical automatically places items on the correct layer, color, and linetype as you create your drawing. And, the software can be easily customized based on your company requirements.

8.      Smart hidden lines

Ramp up your productivity by defining simple foreground and background selections that automatically redraw geometry to show hidden or dashed lines of parts that are obstructed by other parts in your design. The hidden lines automatically update when changes occur, virtually eliminating time-consuming manual redrawing of geometry due to iterative changes. This means you’ll spend less time and effort updating your 2D designs.

9.      Machinery generators and calculators

If you are building mechanisms from paper catalogs and manual calculations, the comprehensive machinery generator and calculator tools can be a huge time-saver. They not only create parts according to your specifications, but they also create all the reports and calculations you need to analyze the design.

10.  Associative CAD Model Documentation

Use AutoCAD Mechanical to detail and document native Autodesk Inventor models. Incorporate design revisions quickly and easily through the associative link—the software automatically notifies you of changes to the Inventor file and regenerates the 2D drawing, including any changes. AutoCAD Mechanical also includes the industry-standard IGES (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification) and STEP (Standard for the Exchange of Product Data) formats for exchanging data between dissimilar CAD systems.


Now Is the Time to increase your productivity by up to 65 percent.*

*The AutoCAD Mechanical Productivity Study compares the time required to complete 10 tasks in both basic AutoCAD and AutoCAD Mechanical. The conclusion: switching to AutoCAD Mechanical can help increase your productivity by as much as 65 percent.

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