Top 10 Reasons why Industrial Machinery manufacturers choose Autodesk

By: Mitrasoft


The Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping provides industrial machinery manufacturers with scalable, attainable, and cost effective desktop technology that enables global design and engineering teams to develop a complete digital prototype from conceptual design, to engineering and manufacturing.

1. Engineering and Design Productivity

Autodesk Inventor is redefining traditional CAD workflows by helping engineers focus on product function and performance, rather than spending time on geometry creation. By reducing the geometry burden, engineers can spend more time on innovating designs by rapidly building and refining digital prototypes—based on real-world design input, such as load, speed, and power—that validate design functions and catch errors before they reach manufacturing.

2. Complete Line of Design and Manufacturing Products

The Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping includes a comprehensive set of design tools for producing, validating, and documenting complete digital prototypes—helping industrial machinery manufacturers get to market faster with fewer physical prototypes and more innovative products.

3. Automated Engineering and Configuration

Autodesk software helps industrial machinery manufacturers define and document engineering rules, configurations, and best practices to more accurately predict the cost of a completed design, while also helping companies automate the creation of engineer-to-order, custom, and customized products.

4. Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Design

The Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping enables the design and evaluation of complex control assemblies and mechatronic content before the first physical prototype is built. Design teams can easily develop complete digital models with Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD Electrical that accurately reflect mechanical and electrical systems in a product design. Dynamic simulation of active elements, such as motors, can reveal design problems early in product development, helping avoid costly and time-consuming downstream changes.

5. Integrated Simulation and Analysis

Autodesk Inventor combines easy-to-use, tightly integrated motion simulation and stress analysis, making it easier for users to validate digital prototypes and predict how designs will work under real-world conditions before the product is ever built. By digitally validating design data Autodesk gives industrial machinery companies the advantage of getting to market quicker while minimizing the need for timeconsuming and costly physical prototypes.

6. Streamlined Manufacturing

The Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping provides tools that facilitate the key phases of the industrial machinery manufacturing process such as release processes, supply chain collaboration, tooling, documentation and data management, as well as production and plant layout.

7. Seamless Data Management

Autodesk Productstream stores a complete record of design project data and information enabling industrial machinery manufacturers to quickly access and reuse previous projects, as well as track and manage new projects. Autodesk Productstream helps accelerate development cycles and optimize investments in design data by organizing, managing, and automating key design and release management processes.

8. Synchronized Collaboration

Autodesk Design Review enables companies to connect with customers, suppliers, planners, and purchasing sooner in the design process, shortening the product development process with earlier, faster, more accurate design reviews. Autodesk Streamline helps achieve maximum project visibility and collaboration with external partners by enabling companies to easily and securely share, store and manage project documents in single, hosted, online location—making the most up-to-date design information available to customers and suppliers from anywhere.

9. Open Interoperability

From conceptual design to engineering and through to manufacturing, the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping provides a suite of interoperable, scalable solutions using a single digital model throughout the product development process. Additionally, fully integrated and interoperable native or neutral file formats allow Autodesk products to easily integrate into existing software environments.

10. Facilitated Regulatory Compliance

The Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping provides engineers and designers with a design environment that facilitates compliance with industry and regulatory standards and supports sustainable product strategies. Autodesk Inventor provides integrated 3D modeling, simulation and analysis tools enabling design teams to evaluate options before building a physical prototype.

Autodesk Productstream provides the capability to carefully manage design and manufacturing bill of material information helping ensure companies meet environmental standards and regulations.


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