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Break the paper habit.

See how your business can work better, smarter, faster with Document Cloud.


Why choose Adobe Document Cloud?

Disconnected document processes cause employees to spend more than 33% of their time on administrative tasks — and less than 66% of their time doing their actual jobs. Document Cloud closes the gaps in automated processes. Gives your team more time to focus on high-value work. And helps your business reach a 36% revenue increase in record time.


Less paper. More work.

People typically spend 25% of each day handling paper. That’s because 80% of all document processes still rely on paper. With Document Cloud, you can bridge gaps in automated workflows and give your users the tools they need to work quickly and securely across platforms and devices.


Lose the dial tone.
And close more deals.

Onboard customers, renew contracts and speed sales by 500%. Or more.




Kiss folders and file cabinets goodbye.

Send, sign, track, protect and archive documents to speed HR processes and improve compliance.




Give your pen a break.

 Automate approvals and accelerate procurement workflows.



Document Cloud has solutions for every industry.

No matter what industry you’re in, Adobe Document Cloud can help connect every step in your document processes. Here are just a few of the industries that benefit from Document Cloud solutions.


Healthcare and insurance

Streamline recordkeeping, billing and HIPAA compliance.Store healthcare records securely in the cloud.



Cut Costs and paperwork, streamline permit processes and support self-service for citizens.


Financial services

Accelerate workflows, speed transactions, reduce costs and offer self-service options.


Schools and universities

Speed faculty onboarding, student registrations, procurement cycles and more.


Media and entertainment

Sign, negotiate and return contracts with a click. Hire and onboard new talent faster. And more.


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