Office wherever you need it



To keep up in today’s mobile world, you need to access your tools and files from anywhere, across your devices. With Office 365 you can. Use your business-class email through Outlook, collaborate on documents, and create and edit files from your phone, tablet, or desktop. With Office powered by the cloud, you always have the latest applications, your files are always up to date, and your recent documents are up front, so you can get right to work.

Collaboration made easy



Collaborating is essential today, and Office 365 makes it easy. Teams can store documents in team sites and use a project-specific mailbox to help everyone get to those documents fast right from their email. When you work with partners or customers, you can share and edit large or confidential documents from a single location online. And with HD video conferencing and screen sharing, your online meetings will help you speed progress toward your goals.


IT simplified without compromising security



Reduce your IT overhead and headaches. Automatic updates ensure that you always have the latest version, without interrupting work. Manage your services from a web-based admin center, where you can add or delete users in seconds, manage email policies, and set access rules. Easily remove company data from lost phones. And with Office 365’s certification by governmental and industry compliance standards, your business can stay compliant with low overhead.


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