New and transformative technologies were rapidly entering the workplace even before the pandemic, enabling businesses to innovate and thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Digital transformation has been key in responding to the disruption of work and business ecosystems brought on by the pandemic, and most businesses ramped up their efforts to meet this sudden change. It changes the way an organization operates. Systems, processes, workflow, and culture are all part of this process to meet changing business and market requirements.

In June 1996, PT. Mitrasoft Infonet was formed to focus on software business. Along with our company growth, we provide a wide range of IT solutions and services : software licensing, hardware & system software infrastructure, network solutions, security, creative & design, CAD CAM, cloud solutions, digital business platform and implementation/maintenance services. We are partnering with global leading vendors in providing end-to-end software and cloud technology solutions to accelerate your digital transformation.

It is noteworthy that one thing about our company that has not changed over the years is our vision of providing the best products and the best solutions for our customers and today our company continues to serve our customers even better.

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Our Value


  • ONE – We work collaboratively towards a common purpose and goals
  • Teamwork – Collaborative effort to achieve goal in the most effective and efficient way as one team
  • Enthusiast – Motivated by enthusiasm with the spirit to strive for excellence
  • Accountability – Having strong moral and ethical principles with the quality of being trustworthy, honest, accountability, respect and kind in doing the right thing
  • Mutual Partnership – Let us be partner to growth together

Our Partners

Mitrasoft has strong and strategic partnerships with global leading software and hardware vendors to offer the best application and solutions to support your business including providing volume software licensing scheme to meet our customer need and budget.

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